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Microsoft Data Platform MVP (2017 & 2018), Friend of Redgate (2008-2018), Public Speaker, and Team Leader / Mentor with Delivery (DevOps) Management Experience.

  • 18+ Fortune 500 Corporations Implementing Data Centers and Warehouses
  • 18+ years SQL Server and Oracle (T-SQL, PL-SQL), (Excel, Flat Files, XML)
  • 15+ years Visual Studio (Azure, SSDT Business Intelligence, DevOps, MVC, C#, VB.Net)
  • 15+ years Power BI, SSAS (Tabular), Excel / Power Pivot, SSIS, SSRS using Agile Methodology
  • 10+ years Leading Large BI Teams (multi-country off-shore locations)
AIM Business Driven Data Solutions combines the collaborative and creative arts included in Technical Communication, the business acumen of a Harvard MBA program, and the technical discipline of object-oriented programming and business intelligence (data warehouses).

AIM has been a dream for many years. In 2008, the first vision of what is now AIM Business Driven Data Solutions was completed.

View the original website named the RPC Group at the link provided below.
RPC Group

Download my resume here: PDF: Download My Resume Here

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Executive Vision

How we see your (our) future...

AIM envisions a cost-effective, technology-driven future by providing services to businesses of all sizes. These services include:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Website Management
  • Technical Communication
  • Professional Business Services
Why should these competitive advantage creating services be available only to the largest Fortune 500 Companies?

In order to deliver these cost-effective, technology-driven services, we integrate creativity, innovation, and entrepreneur with every project from design to delivery.

Core Values

What we believe in...

  • 1-Team / 1-Goal (Team Unity)
  • Collaborative Creativity
  • Driven Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Customer Centric
  • Work-Life Balance

Mission Statement

The reason we exist...

Assists companies in clearly defining business-metric directed targets for every enterprise function.

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology

Collaborate with these companies in developing business-metric targeted business intelligence and website products, technical communication, and professional business services that provide a sustainable competitive advantage by delivering an enterprise wide view of the organizational health and performance in a timely manner and in an actionable format.

SQL Saturday, Dallas, October 3, 2015

SQL Saturday, Dallas, October 3, 2015

AIM Business Driven Data Solutions | Hire the Intelligence Choice!

Greetings, my name is Ryan.

I am an individual who loves building and maturating data warehouses to support targeted reporting and analytics (business intelligence) products. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I value team unity (1-Team / 1-Goal).

I describe all of my core values as well as my mission statement and executive vision on the About page of this website. Please view our "Video Trailers" on this page as well.

Viewing business intelligence in an entrepreneurial perspective, reveals and seeks to fulfill targeted reporting and analytic needs to the core organizational functions of the enterprise. These core organizational functions include: sales and marketing, accounting and finance, human resources, operations, and information technology. Keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit, I specialize in bringing business intelligence products into maturity originally servicing one (1) organizational function during infancy. Many enterprises choose either sales and marketing, or accounting and finance for a starting point. Maturity is obtained by fulfilling all of the enterprises’ organizational functions with their targeted reporting and analytic needs. A mature business intelligence product allows reporting and analysis to occur across all organizational functions emphasizing the organization as a whole.

Combining this view of the "organization as a whole" with an attitude of "team unity" encourages collaboration, facilitates action, and supports resolution.

“bonum commune communitatis”
   -- meaning, “common good of the community” (team)

Professional Organizations and Events

  • Microsoft Data Platform MVP
  • Friend of Redgate
  • Microsoft Developer Network / TechNet
  • Society of Technical Communicators
  • SQL Server and ASP.Net User Groups
  • SQL Saturday, SQL in the City, SQL Cruise

Non-Professional Interests

  • Family and Pets (Dogs)
  • Photography, Audio, and Video
  • Electronics, Home Theater, Computing
  • Outdoors (Fishing, Mountain Biking, Water Sports)
  • Cooking and Grilling
  • Entrepreneurship and Investing