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Microsoft tools such as Power BI Premium Storage, Desktop, Workspaces, Row Level Security

Microsoft Business Intelligence

  • Tabular Modeling
  • Vision, Scope, and Effort
  • Star Schema
  • Time Intelligence
  • DAX Measures and Calculations

  • Visualizations
  • KPIs & Scorecards
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Premium Workspace Membership

  • Premium Workspace Storage
  • Row Level Security
  • Role Based Security
  • Active Directory UserName / Group

Power BI Reports, Dashboards, Workspaces, and Row Level Security

Once data has been delivered to analysts, visualization tools address analytic questions that answer the who, what, where, how, and why?

Visualizations can help us understand changes over time, comparisons, rankings, distribution, and correlation. Dollars and inventory can be compared quarter over quarter for both current and previous quarters and rolled up by year.

Survey Data visualized against industry standards data can help evaluate customer satisfaction relative to other companies in the same industry. Customer satisfaction can also be evaluated by using review rankings and reaching out to customers using social media.

Agile (Scrum) Development metrics can be delivered as dashboards providing estimated workload, planned capacity, burn down rate, and other important items such as injections and item path mapping. Dashboards can also be created for Product Backlog Items by Sprint Global Effort and Time, by Project, by Product Backlog Item (Person / developer), and by Task Hours.

Basic security and shared reporting are offered through Workspaces. There are Free and Premium Workspaces. Specific Workspace Basic security can be applied by assigning Membership through AD Security Groups. It may be easier to think of it as Premium Storage, since Premium Power BI users receive a lot more storage. Premium Power BI users can publish to a Workspace App that is available to the Free users without a cost.

More dynamic and advanced security is provided using Row Level Security. RLS filters data by applying a filter to a specific user that restricts the data returned based on security bridge table mappings to only the allowed records by region, or product, or seniority.

Do you have access to the data to answer the Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why of your business?

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