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  • Local (Googel 3-Pack, Reviews) SEO
  • Mobile SEO | Responsive Design
  • eCommerece (Multiple Locations) SEO

  • SEO Content Optimization
  • Crawls Errors and Statistics
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  • Measuring SEO Performance
  • Microformats for Structured Content
  • Aquiring Citations (NAP)
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

AIM recognizes that quality SEO requires optimization at a "Searche Engine" level as well as a "Local" level. In many cases, SEO may also include an "International" level, or even an "E-Commerce" level. A productive website needs to consider the many levels that apply to each individual business' needs when planning their SEO strategy. A comprehensive SEO strategy includes many SEO concepts that need to be repeated on a reoccuring basis. These SEO concepts include Planning and Research. Planning and Research includes researching the best Keywords. Besides Planning and Research, Strategy needs to consider other important business strategies such as your Social Media, Advertising and Sales Strategies. After planning and researching to create a strategy, the concept of Monitoring and Analysis becomes a focal concern. Here we want to identify key metrics that we want to follow such as clicks to certain pages, sumbit counts for a contact form, or even number of views for a new video. Once we identify the metrics that we want to monitor, we need to track those metrics for a defined amount of time usully about 4 months. During those months, we want to fine tune and fix any major issues, but for the most part, we want to follow our defined metrics. At the end of the period of measurement, we want to analyize all of the data from our defined metrics, combined with additonal website metrics from services such as Google Analytics. Once this analysis is complete, we can make the necessary Adjustments to our SEO strategy, keywords, and metrics before we start this process over again.

"Much like fishing has bait, SEO has Search Bait. We use keywords, links, and certain content to attract web surfers (the fish) to your website.

Instead of using worms, Search Bait is a well defined and planned SEO Strategy. A quality and professional SEO strategy is key to catching, or capturing new followers, leads, or e-commerece sales in the ocean we call the internet."

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