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Services for Local, or Enterprise Companies using Access and, or SQL Server Business Intelligence and Analytics
Websites and Data Portal Development using ASP.Net MVC, Visual Studio, and Google Analytics

AIM offers many services designed to cater to both technical and creative customer centric needs and solutions.

These technical customer centric needs and solutions focus around enterprise data and their enterprise data needs. Focusing on customer data can unlock unrecognized potential in revenue as well as savings in terms of reduced returns and issues. Finally, delivering data to critical decision makers and enabling management creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

These creative customer centric needs and solutions focus around presenting and delivering enterprise data in a professional and impactful manner that creates company and product recognition and branding in a multi-media driven, social-media networked world.

Technical Division

    Services Offered
      Customer Centric Needs and Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure, and Storage
      Changing Data Needs
  • Auditing, Health, and Maintenance
      Compliance and Risk
  • Performance Tuning
      Poor Performance
  • Data Warehouses, Marts, Repositories
      Data Storage Solutions
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting, Analytics
      Competitive Advantage
  • Websites, Reporting Portals, Content Management
      Data Presentation and Delivery
  • Search Engine Optimization
      Global Web Presence

Creative Division

    Services Offered
      Customer Centric Needs and Solutions
  • Technical Communication
      Creative Design, Documenting, Editing
  • Social Media, Social Networking
      Advertising, Marketing, Sales
  • Video, Audio, Multi-Media Content
      Final Packaging and Mastering
  • Photography, Product Marketing Studio
      Product and Brand Awareness
  • Word Press Blogs with Social Media Broadcasting
      Branding, Subject Matter Expert
  • Professional Business Services
      Bookkeeping, Data Entry, Word Processing
  • Public Speaking and Technical Training
      New Technology Change Management

Service Workflow

What should you expect once you decide to hire AIM?
Below is a Service Workflow diagram that demonstrates a possible business to customer (B2C) interaction. A specific vision and scope including a time line, milestones, and effort will be decided in a team effort between AIM and your company. A specific B2C interaction will be created for each customer's specific and unique needs. This is just an overview that highlights many common steps in the workflow.