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The Highest Quality, Innovative Websites using Microsoft tools such as ASP.Net MVC
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Businesss to Business

  • ASP.Net MVC
  • CSS & Master Pages
  • Bootstrap & Angular
  • OWIN Authentication
  • Mobile & Desktop Pages

  • Team Collaboration
  • Kanban & Scrum Dashboards
  • User Story Backlog
  • Work Items and Tasks
  • Agile, MSF, and Waterfall

  • Source Control
  • Dev, UAT, Prod Integration
  • Branch and Merge
  • Code Version Tracking
  • Responsive Design

Data Services Portal, Azure Active Directory (B2B), Public Websites

External access (Vendors) to Azure and On-Premises Business Intelligence can be provided with custom portal development using ASP.Net MVC and C# code. This allows for the most complex yet flexible solution, but usually requires a larger effort in time and costs.

Azure provides Azure Active Directory users a built in feature to avoid the pain and over head of most custom development portals. This feature is called Azure Active Directory B2B (Business to Business). This feature works with Power BI and Azure Analysis Services.

For Public Websites, a three tiered architecture is designed for both the solution (application) as well as in the infrastructure (cloud and on-premises). Data layer abstraction is simplified by using an entity framework model. Website authentication uses open authorization 2.0 allowing easy authentication using social media logins such as Twitter, or Facebook.

We suggest considering creating a WebApp because it is easy to manage pages for smart phones as well as desktop size viewing. Concepts like responsive design and bootstrap help reduce development effort and add user-experience-value for the website surfers. Webpps reduce the increased development required when developing custom mobile apps for iPhone and Android. These custom platform apps appear "sexy," but come with a large price tag, increased maintenance, and parallel streams of development for each platform.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be included when you plan the website architecture. Page designs should include SEO Tag (Key Word) Management for the Page Title as well as headings H1, H2, and H3. This should be managed in such a way that it is easy to change these Key Words on the fly... ex: valViewBag.H1_Line1 and ViewBag.H1_Line2.

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Social Media and Social Networks

Managing your social media presence takes planning and a strategy to help make future decisions. Your public website should use icons, or links to your important social media pages such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Posts should include links to your website and a link to your Facebook Messenger page to enable instant communication.

Each specific social media site has its own rules and default sizes. For this reason, a social media strategy must not only include a high level plan outlining what sites to focus on, but it must also go into specifics for each social media site in the strategy. You may learn that you want to Post 3 times a day on Facebook, but you want to Publish 6 times a day on LinkedIn.

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