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The Highest Quality, Innovative Websites using Microsoft tools such as ASP.Net MVC
Visual Studio, Google Analytics, AdWords, MOZ, semRush, Screaming Frog

Businesss to Business

  • ASP.Net MVC
  • CSS & Master Pages
  • Bootstrap & Angular
  • OWIN Authentication
  • Mobile & Desktop Pages

  • Team Collaboration
  • Kanban & Scrum Dashboards
  • User Story Backlog
  • Work Items and Tasks
  • Agile, MSF, and Waterfall

  • Source Control
  • Dev, UAT, Prod Integration
  • Branch and Merge
  • Code Version Tracking
  • Responsive Design

The 8th "C" | Website Design with a Focus on the 7 Key Design Elements, plus our secret, unique 8th "C"


Layout and Design


Text, Image, Videos, and Sounds


User-to-User Communication


Site-to_User and User-to-Site


Degree Site is Linked to Other Sites


Enable Commercial Transactions


Personalized Content and Personalizable Site
Crucial Elements for an Ecommerce Website

Crucial Elements for an E-Commerce Website